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AromaTouch Therapy

AromaTouch® is an advanced technique which enhances autonomic balance, decreases inflammation, boosts the immune system support and enhances stress reduction. This is achieved in a simple process where grade essential oils are applied topically to provide an enhanced whole body experience. It is through this process that it's possible to reach such high-quality effects.

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Dealing With Stress
Patients that suffer from stress have great benefits from using AromaTouch. Clinical studies have confirmed that stress is the major cause in many emotional and physical illnesses. Stress can also come from diverse circumstances in life, such as career choices, financial worries, family problems, and other types of harsh circumstances. AromaTouch is a technique that allows for the reduction and management of stress.

Dealing With Cold Or Flu
AromaTouch strengthens the immune system in fighting viral and bacterial infections. These essential oils can allow for killing virus cells, penetrating the virus membranes rendering it useless.

Dealing With Increased Inflammation
The cause of inflammation, many times are the types of food we consume. These are usually polyunsaturated vegetable oils which are found in peanut, corn, sunflower or safflower oil. Combined with low protein diets and high carbohydrates, these achieve increased inflammation in the body. Also, since stress contributes with unbalanced cortisol, inflammation can increase rendering various immunological dysfunctions. Clinical studies have proven that the development of many fatal diseases has a direct correlation with inflammation.

What About Automatic Imbalance?
This phenomena is the opposite of homeostasis and is the direct imbalance of the nervous system autonomic functions, which are able of negatively impacting wellness and the health of an individual. Many cases of mortality and morbidity have also been attributed to autonomic imbalance within the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system regulations and the various cardiovascular functions. By being able to restore the body's homeostasis it's possible to impact the body's stressors by reducing the physiological impact.

But What Really Is AromaTouch®?
The AromaTouch® technique is the direct approach of applying topical essential oils along the visceral contact points and energy meridians which are located on the feet and back. This treatment serves to help balance the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system functions within the body itself. People that don't make use of this treatment usually try other alternatives but which usually are ineffective and lack the very positive effects AromaTouch has. The essential oils used are Pure Therapeutic Grade™ CPTG Certified from TERRA, which provide an unparalleled grounding experience for all patients that receive such treatments.

AromaTouch® Procedure
The AromaTouch procedure is carried out in four main steps. These are designed in order to minimize the stressing factors and enhance the autonomic balance. Every step will have the application fo two essential oil blends or essential oils which are specially formulated to support physiological function enhancements and a healthy emotional state for the wellbeing. The procedure takes around 30 minutes per application by making use of one set of TERRA's essential oils, and it may require several applications in order for the full effect to be achieved.

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