Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Disclaimer: Results may vary for each individual. No amount of weight loss is guaranteed, although many patients have had great success with this program.

Losing weight has been a problem for as long as there has been cake, cookies, or ice cream. The methods of losing weight have altered drastically in the last century alone. The quest does not often lead to the idea of chiropractic weight loss, but this is the best place to begin.

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Why Weight Loss Equates to Better Health

It is commonly known that increased weight also increases one’s risk of many common and devastating health problems such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, joint problems, insomnia, and many other diseases and complaints. Even losing ten pounds can reduce a person’s risk of complications greatly, but losing and keeping weight off is terribly difficult. In the fast paced world, it is hard to take the time to prepare proper foods. It is also difficult to avoid the massive marketing campaigns with thousands of skilled professionals whose life aim is to make you hungry for their products. Food stylists spend days and photographers put effort into making that juicy cheeseburger look like it is the next best thing to heaven.


The Down Side of Most Diet Programs

Meanwhile, most diet programs do not work in the long run. Some people do find success, but many have limited or temporary success. Diets that use special foods or meal replacements do not always translate well to real life’ and after losing some weight, people are left to figure out how to continue a healthy lifestyle without the tools and practice necessary to make it work for the rest of their lives. Also, diet programs are often centered around food alone rather than focusing on the entire body and lifestyle. This lack of insight can lead to a relapse to old eating habits.


Chiropractors and their Whole Body View

Chiropractors offer weight loss solutions that are not available in typical weight loss programs. For example, their holistic and natural methods of treating the body can dovetail beautifully with a weight loss program. Instead of turning to surgery or medications to help you on the road to slimming down, a chiropractor can look at your entire situation. They become familiar with your body and its challenges as well as the way you may respond to different natural and do-able weight loss techniques.

Chiropractic Adjustment and Weight Loss

The skeletal muscular system and nervous system are obviously closely linked. One must remember that the entire body is one system with many subsystems working together. While people do not usually think of spinal alignment as a contributing factor to weight issues, it can indeed have an impact. Since there are nerves closely linked throughout the spinal column and functioning to transmit nerve signals throughout the body and to the brain, any problems with the spine itself can affect how these signals are transmitted. Not only can this cause issues with pain, numbness, and even neuropathy; it can also affect the nerves that pick up signals that tell us when we are hungry, full, thirsty, etc. Without the proper function of this element of the nervous system, it can be difficult to control eating habits.

Another advantage of having proper skeletal adjustments is that it allows you to move with greater mobility and can reduce pain, pressure, stress and fatigue. The results can be increased activity. Exercise is a critical part of any weight loss program. Without proper spinal alignment, it can be difficult to get excited by any kind of exercise.


How Acupuncture and Massage Can Aid in Weight Loss

    Frustrated with being over weight?
    Tired of yo-yo and fad diets that don’t work?
    You’re not alone.

    Advice from a chiropractor can be just the thing to set one on the right path. Most chiropractors are passionate about helping their patients achieve a healthier lifestyle. They are often available for consultations regarding eating habits, supplements, and additional services that can help them on their way to weight loss. Many clinics offer massage and/or acupuncture. Acupuncture has been used for centuries to aid in pain control and nerve issues and massage can greatly relieve pressure and reduce stress. Stress is one of the biggest things that keeps people from effectively losing weight and keeping it off. While a single massage is not capable of changing one’s life to a serene dream, developing a routine with healthy habits that reduce stress will help to build a life that is focused on a healthier way to cope and better ways to relax.

    Hank, a missionary for Word of Life has been a part of the Schneider Clinic family for over 20 years. Dr. Schneider treated Hank for the first time in Argentina where he and his wife Pam were volunteering their time at the Word of Life mission base. After years of mission work Hank and his wife Rita moved back to the Elkhart area to continue their work in the states.

    Due to chronic neck pain and headaches Hank had not been as mobile as he once was. Being forced to decrease the amount of exercise in his everyday routine caused other health issues to arise. High blood pressure, borderline cholesterol issues, and decreased energy from the extra weight had him on multiple medications and down in spirit. He was unable to get work done and was only able to get up to 3 hours of sleep a night. His MD recommended that Hank lose weight to help with his health issues and inability to sleep but never gave him any guidance on how to do it. Hank was afraid that he would eventually gain more weight, have no energy, and be unable to be active with his wife and grandkids.

    After meeting with Dr. Schneider and his team about possible weight loss solutions, Hank decided to start our customized weight loss program. He has had AMAZING results. He has lowered his blood pressure and lost over 35 pounds. It only took 2 weeks for Hank and his family to notice a tremendous difference. “My wife says I look like I did in college and my granddaughter is wondering what happened to her grandpa. I have more energy and I enjoy shopping again because I feel more comfortable. I am getting more work done and I am able to go out with my wife more!”

    Hank has been an inspiration to all of us here at Schneider Clinic and we are so glad to be a part of the journey toward a Happier Healthier Hank! Thank you for trusting us with your care!



    There are many ways to become motivated to lose weight. Maybe a person is planning for a large life event and wants to look and feel their best. Many brides go to extreme measures because of their desire to look perfect in their wedding dress as they walk down the aisle. Others may want to look well for a graduation party, anniversary, reunion, or similar celebration. Whatever the reason, the motivation is there, but it must be nurtured along.

    Athletic reasons can also motivate someone to change their lifestyles. Again, if the weight loss is to be long term, the athlete must have a plan that includes nutrition and exercise that will nourish the body. Sports can put extreme strain on a healthy body, and an overweight person may encounter even more problems with the force it puts on joints and feet. A chiropractor can help develop a plan that will allow a person to lose weight without losing muscle, while moving toward athletic goals.

    Simply feeling better is a primary motivator for many people. Even if the goal is not to fit into a tiny skirt or get back into an old football uniform, the path to a healthier life needs support and advice to keep it on track. By including your chiropractor in your support system, you will be engaging someone who will not only lend expertise, but continually boost your level of motivation so that you feel that you can reach your goals. Chiropractic weight loss puts many holistic tools in your hands so that you can go forward and live a better life in a healthier body.

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