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About Hip Pain

Hip pain is not only common but often be difficult to diagnose because nearby structures can mimic hip pain. Common areas that true hip pain can occur are the side of the pelvis where the leg attaches, in the groin area, down the leg towards the knee, and even in the buttocks. The pain can be excruciating and resemble a sharp stabbing at times. Hip pain takes the joy out of everyday life and limits you from doing the activities you love. Hip pain can keep you awake all night and cause you to be fatigued the next day.

Do You Have Hip Pain?

Are you tired of limping? Struggling to climb steps? Can’t cross your leg over? Can’t sleep due to the ache? Have you been told you might need a hip replacement? You can give up some of the things you love to do and live with chronic hip pain, or even worse, you can give up months of your life recovering from hip pain. Don't settle for living with hip pain. We can help!

We Can Help

At Schneider Clinic we like to ask… what if you didn’t have to resort to drugs and surgery for relief from your hip pain? We have a signature series hip treatment that is remarkable. Don’t spend another moment missing your activities of life because of your hip pain.

Dr. Mark Schneider has been helping patients get rid of their hip pain for nearly three decades. By utilizing the Activator Method along with instrument adjusting and decompression, Dr. Schneider can help you eliminate your hip pain too! Don't settle for drugs, needles, or surgery. Choose the natural and long-lasting option with chiropractic treatment from Schneider Clinic, PC.

Did you know that the hips play an important role in the mobility of your body? When you experience hip pain you'll notice that it's most difficult to move around and often physical activity causes the pain to increase. Many people treat their daily hip pain with medication or resort to hip surgery, which is costly, painful and has many negative side effects. At Schneider Clinic we are able to utilize our unique methods of treatment to effectively adjust the hips and reduce your pain.

You might not realize this but the hips plays a vital part in mobility of your body and if they are in pain, you’ll find that you can’t move as easily as you used to. Hips work to keep us upright, walk smoothly, perform activities like running, jumping, dancing, playing, etc. They also help us bear weight on our backs or in our hands. Most people treat hip pain with medication but there are more effective alternative treatments out there. At Family Chiropractic & Wellness, we recommend you consult with a chiropractor because they can help you treat your hip pain. What Causes Hip Pain Hip pain can happen due to a variety of reasons and you can generally avoid it if you’re active and take care of your body. Here are some of the common causes of hip pain that chiropractors treat regularly:
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