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Hormone Therapy

Through strategic partnership, patients at Schneider Clinic have access to Bioidentical Hormone Optimization for Men and Women.

The balance of Nature and Science with Extraordinary Benefits!

Studies show optimized hormones are necessary for good health. There is a proven, convenient and easy process of optimizing hormones levels by placing tiny pellets placed under the skin. Once under the skin, the pellets release bioidentical estrogen and testosterone consistently into the bloodstream.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, chances are they are a candidate for Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy. Before being optimized, patients complain of:

Hormones and Health Protection

Studies have shown that optimized hormones can reduce the risk of some age-related health issues, such as osteoporosis, Alzehimer's disease and diabetes.

Precision Dosing is Key

Proper hormone levels are determined by a comprehensive blood work analysis. Unique dosing is recommended for each patient for the best possible outcome. Pellets introduce hormones into the bloodstream 24 hours a day for up to five months in some cases. Patients tell us this steady streat of cardio-activated hormones allows greater symptom relief over other hormone-balance methods.

Feeling Better Can Start with a Simple Blood Test

Patients tell us they experience:

Let's Compare Methods

SHOTS:52 to 156 per year (1-3 times per week *depending on doctor requirements)
CREAMS:730+ per year (2 times daily with only 4-6 hour effectiveness once applied)
PELLETS:only 2-5 procedures per year

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