Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Today, more people are suffering from knee related problems. Some of these conditions, such as osteoarthritis cannot be cured. However, there are numerous treatment approaches that can be effective in reducing the effects and symptoms of these knee problems. One of the most popular and effective treatment approaches is chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic treatment is an effective alternative to the strong prescription medications and surgical procedures. A chiropractor examines your neck, back as well as knee pains and provides the best form of treatment to relieve the pain. There are numerous techniques used in chiropractic treatment including spinal decompression therapy, exercise and even massage therapy. These forms of treatments are helpful in treating all issues related to joints, bones as well as muscles. Basically, a chiropractor uses his hand to exert controlled force on the affected areas.

One of the main reasons why cases of knee related problems are increasing is because of modern inactive lifestyles. Most people spend most of their time in front of a computer or television. There are many health conditions that are caused by this inactive lifestyle. Performing repetitive tasks and over exertions on your joints and bones can also cause strain injuries. These strain injuries can develop over time and leave you with pains around the knees, elbows or even shoulders. Some of the most common causes of knee pain include cartilage injuries, arthritis, ligament injuries, meniscus injuries, iliotibial band syndrome, and tendon injuries.


Knee Joint

Knee pains occur when there is a joint dysfunction among the major compartments of the knee joint. The complex knee joint relies on muscles and ligaments for passive and active stability. The knee is among the major weight bearing joints in your body. The knee is mainly composed of the tibio-femoral joint, patello-femoral joint, menisci as well as ligaments and muscles. The tibio-femoral joint is located between the lower leg and the thigh. The patella-femoral joint joins the thigh with the knee cap. The menisci are cartilages discs. When you are diagnosed with a knee condition, your chiropractor will examine the various anatomical components that directly or indirectly affect the performance of your knee. These include the lower back, ankle, foot, hip and pelvis.


Knee Pain Diagnosis

Accurate diagnosis is critical to ensure successful treatments and elimination of the knee pain. It is therefore important that the chiropractor thoroughly examines the bio-mechanical as well as physical performance of your body. They should also assess your comprehensive medical history in order to make an accurate diagnosis. One of the most common assessment and treatment approaches used in chiropractic care for relief of knee pain is evaluating other muscles and joints relating to your knee joint. The reason for this is knee pain can be a result of problems in other areas of the body such as the hip, pelvis or even from the lower back.


Stages of Chiropractic Treatment

Most chiropractors modify the most suitable treatment approach based on your specific condition. Therefore, one form of treatment may be appropriate to one patient and fails to treat another. The first stage of chiropractic treatment is reduction of pain and joint inflammation. This is achieved in a number of different ways including use of supports, sports tape, and avoiding aggravating factors. Inflammation and muscle spasms can be reduced by using ice bags or types of soft tissue healing. Soft tissue healing involves undergoing procedures such as ultrasound, laser, and interferential therapy. The second stage involves normalizing the function and performance of the knee joint.

To normalize joint function, chiropractors use certain mobilization and manipulation techniques on the affected area. These techniques aim at increasing movement, reducing pain as well as improving function of your knee and other surrounding joints. Other techniques for improving joint function include trigger-point therapy, cross-friction and deep soft tissue massage. The last stage in chiropractic treatment of knee pain involves engaging in exercise programs. Exercise is important as it helps to enhance your joints stability, endurance as well as strength. In addition, it helps to prevent new injuries and even improves your sense of joint position and body balance.

Chiropractors often advise their patients to combine the chiropractic relief for knee pain with other practices and lifestyle changes. This will boost the performance of the treatments and help achieve quicker results. One of the most recommended things is losing weight to ease your joints. You are also advised to wear shoes that have adequate support as well as stabilizing the knee cap with the help of a knee brace. The chiropractor can also recommend stretching exercises targeting your quadriceps and hamstrings.


Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Besides reducing pain and faster healing, there are many other benefits of using chiropractic care to treat knee pain. Compared to other form of treatments, chiropractic treatment is the most cost effective form. This is mainly because it eliminates the expensive surgical procedures and medications. There are also fewer risks involved. There are no painful surgical procedures which may have long healing and recovery periods. Some medication used to treat knee pains may also have severe reaction and effects on your health.


Choose the Best Chiropractor

To efficiently and effectively benefit from chiropractic treatment sessions, you must ensure that you get a qualified, competent and licensed chiropractor. The chiropractor should provide you with appropriate management and diagnosis solution to your problems. He should not only restore your joint movements, but also re-establish better muscle balance. Traumatic injuries on your knee should call for immediate chiropractic care as the conditions worsens with age if not treated. It can also lead to severe, serious and painful health conditions such as tendinitis, bursitis as well as patellar syndromes and osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease. Ensure that you get chiropractic treatment as soon as you get any joint injury to avoid future problems.

Some of the most common symptoms of knee problems include difficulty walking, locking of the knee, as well as limping. Other signs include swelling, deformity and the inability to bend. The severity of the knee pain ranges from minor to disabling and severe pain. If you or someone you know is currently suffering from knee pain please give us a call at (574) 293-7000 and set up a consultation with Dr. Schneider. He can help you get out of pain and stay out of pain!

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