Allergy and Sinus Treatment

Allergy and Sinus Treatment


Our unique and highly effective treatment method can reduce or eliminate your sinus or nasal issues!

The doctors at Schneider Clinic use Endonasal Balloon Therapy (ENT) to help treat chronic sinusitis, allergies, headaches, breathing problems, snoring, and sleep apnea. This treatment can also help with other functional neurologic conditions due to a lack of oxygen, such as brain fog and fatigue. This technology opens up a whole new treatment option to patients with sinus problems who don't want to use drugs or surgery.


Will It Help Me?

Many times chronic sinus infections, damaged septum, or allergies can cause inflammation and damage to the nasal cavity and the mucous tissue. In some cases, chronic use of nasal sprays or decongestants can lead to drying and cracking of the mucous tissue causing further damage.

ENT gently restructures and widens the walls of the sinus passageway while still maintaining the integrity of the sinus lining. All patients must undergo a health history and examination with the doctors to determine if you would qualify for the treatment.


The Anatomy Of The Sinuses

Think of your nasal passages as a flowing river stream. The air flows through your nasal passages similarly to water flowing through the river. Now picture the scar tissue in your nose as a dam. While the dam begins to form, the water flowing in the river starts to become blocked. Over time without treatment, the blockages become worse and worse until eventually there is almost no flow through at all. When this happens in the nasal passages, the sinuses are unable to drain correctly causing a multitude of problems. Because the sinuses are unable to drain correctly, the sinuses then fill up with fluid and mucous- stretching out the sinus cavity and causing sinus pressure, fullness, and headaches.


What’s Unique About Our Program

Our signature treatment here at Schneider Clinic puts the patient first. Treatment plans are customized and specific to the patient's condition. Your treatment can involve various therapies including the following:

  • Endonasal Balloon Therapy
  • Cranial Adjustments
  • Cervical Adjustments
  • Ozone Therapy

Other adjunct therapies are also available to ensure each patient has the best opportunity to recover fully. These include Cold Laser Therapy, throat treatments, breathing exercises, home nutrition support, and more.


What to Expect

Your first visit includes a one-on-one consultation with one of our doctors where we'll go through your full health history and review your symptoms. Following the consultation, we'll take x-rays and perform an exam to qualify you for treatment.



– How often will I need to come in?
Frequency will vary depending on the severity of your condition. Typically patients come in three times a week at the beginning and then the number of visits decrease.
– Does Endonasal Balloon Therapy hurt?
Generally, patients do not report pain, however it is described as uncomfortable pressure. Many patients feel relief of their symptoms immediately after a treatment.


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