Welcome to Schneider Clinic!

Congratulations in taking the first step to better your health! We're honored you're here. To make things easy for you, we've listed out the next steps to become a new patient at our clinic.

Step 1: Call to Schedule a Consultation

Give us a call when you're ready: 574-293-7000.

While on the phone, we will ask you some general information about yourself including why you'll be coming to see us. If you're wanting to use insurance, please have your insurance card handy. Once we have all your information, we'll get you scheduled at a time that works best for you. You can opt in for text appointment reminders also!

Step 2: Print Your New Patient Paperwork

If you have access to a printer at home, print out the new patient paperwork and fill it out at your leisure. If not, no problem! Just come about 15 minutes early to your appointment and we'll have the paperwork ready for you to fill out here.

Step 3: Come to Your Consultation

Please bring your ID, insurance card, and any paperwork you filled out beforehand. We'll greet you when you come through the door and guide you through your first appointment! You'll meet with the doctor one-on-one to discuss your symptoms and health history. We may also take x-rays that same day if the doctor is recommending that. Lastly, we'll schedule you for your next appointment where we'll discuss the doctor's findings and recommend a treatment plan customized to your needs!