Disc Rehydration Therapy

Disc Rehydration Therapy

Are you suffering from chronic neck and back pain? The doctors at Schneider Clinic can help. Our unique and effective Disc Rehydration Therapy does not require drugs, injections, or surgery. Having chronic back pain can disrupt your life a great deal and you will become victim to your pain. You don't have to suffer any longer. Let us help you get your life back and start living!


    What is Disc Rehydration Therapy?

    Schneider Clinic's Disc Rehydration Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that utilizes specially designed tables to gently stretch and decompress the spine along with IV hydration therapy. This process allows the spinal discs to retract, rehydrate, and regenerate. The combination of Decompression Therapy and IV hydration is what sets our treatment apart from others. This unique treatment is effective in treating painful and debilitating conditions such as degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, stenosis, degenerative arthritis of the neck and back, and pinched nerves in the neck and back that can cause arm and leg pain.

    During the treatment session, our patients can lie comfortably on their back while the latest protocols are utilized to gently pull and decompress the injured disc, relieving pressure on the nerves. Some of our patients become so relaxed during the procedure that they fall asleep!

    What Can Disc Rehydration Therapy Treat?


      How Spinal Decompression Works

      During the spinal decompression session, our specific table will oscillate back and forth which relieves pressure within the disc and the nerves. Our doctors and nurses will use the computer-aided technology to customize the settings to your needs and to isolate the particular disc that you are experiencing problems with.

      In certain circumstances we will incorporate the use of IV hydration to insure there is fluid around the disc to be absorbed. By combining these two state of the art therapies we are better able to serve our patient and achieve better results.


      Candidates for Disc Rehydration Therapy

      If you are suffering from back and neck pain and you don’t want to undergo surgery, then definitely you qualify for this type of therapy. If you are also on a budget constraint, you can opt for this option because it will save you money. We also have customizable payment plans that we'd be happy to discuss.


      Why Choose Schneider Clinic?

      • Unique and customized treatment plan
      • Decompression Certified
      • Over 60,000 Decompression Treatments Performed
      • Partnership with MP Health to provide IV therapy for disc hydration
      • Utilizing the Latest Systems and Protocols
      • Doctors and Nurses Overseeing Your Treatment with Weekly Clinical Rounds
      • Customized Nutritional Protocols to Promote Optimal Disc and Joint Healing
      • Lifestyle Education to Prevent Future Re-Injury
      • Flexible Payment Plans and Insurance Options
      • Therapeutic Exercise and Rehab Instruction


      Frequently Asked Questions

      How many days will it take to see results?

      The time it takes for satisfactory results varies from one patient to another. Typically, it takes two to three weeks before you start realizing results. Significant improvement are usually noticed as go undergo more therapy sessions.

      What are the possible side effects?

      There have been minimal side effects reported by patients who undergo this type of therapy. However, some patients have reported muscle spasm during the earlier sessions. The effects are short term and they last for a matter of minutes. Otherwise, decompression is safe.

      How long does the treatment take?

      Typically, the whole treatment session lasts for up to six weeks. On the first few weeks, you might have to receive multiple treatments. After the initial treatments, future treatments can be spaced further out depending on overall success.

      Taking Control of Your Health

      When it comes to dealing with back pain or neck pain Disc Rehydration Therapy may be a powerful tool to manage your symptoms and improve your quality of life. Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Seek professional guidance and support to develop a personalized treatment plan that works for you.


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